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Renske Endel

The start

At the age of 5 years Renske started with gymnastics at a local gymnastic club. A few years later Renske her talent and passion was discoverd by top coaches and from then her life became sports. 

Vice world Champion gymnastics

For 8 years Renske was a member of the Dutch national gymnastic team and represented the Netherlands at international competitions. Her best results she achieved in 2001 and 2002: Renske won the silver medal at the World Championships and European Championships at uneven bars. This was the first medal at a World Championships gymnastics for the Netherlands since 1903.

From gymnast to artist

After the world championships in 2003, Renske decided to quit gymnastics competitions. She continued by creating shows which she performed at events. In 2004 Renske opened the European Championships gymnastics with an acrobatic dance and this turned out to be the beginning of a new career ...

Corpus Acrobatics

At this opening show Renske was approached by Corpus Acrobatic Theatre. She followed classes in various circus disciplines. Starting with silks, which later expanded with rope, ring trapeze, perche, duostraps, equilibrisme (handtstand technique), contortion (extreme flexibility) and balance acrobatics. She also followed several dance and performing classes. Within a couple of months Renske started to perform in the Corpus shows and developped her performences on stage.

Acrobatics Acts

Beside the work with Corpus and several other groups Renske performs her own acts since 2003. Her aerial- and ground acrobatic acts can be used as part of openings, corporate events, theater, concerts and many other events.