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Renske Endel


Life, Contorted | Video by Andrew Valkenburg16 | 10 | 2015

A contoreography by Renske Endel and Andrew Valkenburg

Choreography, performance and make-up by Renske Endel -
Concept, camera and edit by Andrew Valkenburg -
Music exclusively composed and performed by Lexurus -
Additional soundFX by -
DedoLight gear provided by BBP Light -
Black catsuit custom-made and provided by Lycrashop -

"Renske Endel is probably the best Dutch all-round acrobat. At a young age she discovered her natural talent for doing gymnastics. She started training when she was 5 and eventually became European champion and vice World champion.

But it came at a price. Training was hard and she had to deal with pain and humiliation. She lost the joy of ‘performing tricks’ and in the end Renske decided she would stop doing gymnastics and start a career of her own as a professional acrobat and contortionist. Nowadays she is a renowned performer and travels the world to astound her audience with her amazing body control, audacity and flexibility.

With this video I want to make a tribute to her life and to that of all performing artist who work hard to turn their passion and natural talents into acts that entertain and surprise their audiences. It shows their path that starts with fun and discovery, followed by obedience, pain and suppression and finally the satisfaction of reaching one’s goal and re-discovering the joy of physical self-control.

Making the video was quite an adventure in itself. Once the concept was clear Renske and I met in a small studio to make the recordings. Some of the movements and poses came from my mind, others were improvised or invented on the spot by Renske. Working together with this beautiful, dedicated and very talented woman was an experience not to forget easily. 

Editing the project was even a bigger challenge, being a photographer, not very experienced with film making and editing. I am sure this project is full of beginners mistakes but I still think it is quite an unique project, using acrobatics and contortion to tell a story on video: a real contoreography.

Many thanks to my son Mats a.k.a. Lexurus who did a great job creating the soundtrack. I hope you like the result and I will definitely start a similar project soon."